A trained sociologist who always had an artistic soul. She likes to draw, pain, cut, project, glue and arrange. She found her passion in photography and has been sharing it with Hubert for 6 years. Currently she is developing her skills in graphic design. She constantly invents everything, creating something from nothing, and learns new techniques such as sewing, knitting and using new graphic programs. As a person with an esthetic view, she dreams about travelling and beautiful sights.
She specializes in women and children photography.

Thanks to that, she learned how to be patient and gained even more empathy and sensitivity towards others. Aga is a member Klub Fotografów Dziecięcych (Children Photographers Club).

Working with parents and children gives her a lot of satisfaction and is a factor helping with beginning new friendships. She likes to talk with parents and children, sharing the thoughts with them.


He is a graduate of AWF (Poznan Academy of Physical Education) in the Department of Tourism and Recreation. Hubert has a lot of energy which he makes use of during photo shoots. Not once he climbed the buildings, trees and ladders to catch this one, best picture. His fascination with photography began with the first digital cameras when resolution of 1 mega-pixel was the high-end technology. It has recently been 10 years from the moment he grabbed the camera and he hasn’t let it ever since. 6 years ago he met Aga and they decided to create and delight together. Hubert specializes in reportage, weeding and advertising photography.

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